BlooMoon boarding is far and away the next best thing to home!

We invite you to come tour our facility any time during our business hours. We would love to show you all the things that make staying at BlooMoon a pleasure for your pet.

BlooMoon maintains 58 spacious indoor/outdoor runs which are climate controlled for the comfort of our guests and our staff! Additionally cats boarding with us enjoy their own space, the "Cat Nap Inn" . We also offer boarding space for other pets such as hamsters, ferrets and reptiles.

What you Should Know about Canine Cough

BlooMoon has deep cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place at all times. Our facility was designed to help prevent spread of dog to dog illnesses. We have installed UV disinfecting air sanitizers in our central air systems. We require dogs entering our facility to be fully vaccinated. Even with all of these efforts we cannot guarantee that your dog will not "catch the cough".

We will not allow your dog to board with us if:

  • Your dog has boarded or traveled anywhere within 14 days of arrival date for boarding with us
  • Your dog has coughed or sneezed in the last 10 days
  • Your dog MUST have received all required vaccines a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding with us
  • Your dog MUST be current on all of the vaccines we require

For More Information About Canine Cough Read Visit Blog Post

A Reservation Request is not a confirmed reservation until you hear back from our staff. A member of our staff will notify you when the reservation is confirmed. If you don't hear back from us with in 24 hours, please call us at (940) 644-2722.

Required Vaccinations to Board, Groom or Train at BlooMoon Pet Resort

  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Para Influenza
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza
  • Rabies
We require clients to complete our Boarding & Day Care Agreement and for each pet, we require a Client Profile Form.
For your convenience, you may download the forms below:
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Close up of a Tabby Cat at BlooMoon Pet Resort

We care for your pet the way we want our own pets cared for!

  • Yorkie Running at BlooMoon
    Yorkie Running at BlooMoon
  • A Pug is Ready to Swim at BlooMoon Pet Resort
    A Pug is Ready to Swim at BlooMoon Pet Resort
  • A Bloodhound Plays with a toy at BlooMoon Pet Resort
    A Bloodhound Plays with a toy at BlooMoon Pet Resort

Canine Guests are Happy at BlooMoon!

Dogs enjoying Day Boarding or Over Night Boarding at BlooMoon are given lots of outdoor time in our big grass yards. The day at BlooMoon begins with each dog going outside to run, stretch and "do their business." Next comes breakfast which is served in a sterilized stainless steel bowl.

Throughout the remainder of the day dogs are given off-leash yard time approximately every 2 to 3 hours, which is more often than most dogs go out at home. This gives them the opportunity to get plenty of exercise while boarding with us.

Supper is served late day followed by another yard time. The last yard time of the evening is typically between 8 and 10 pm.

The majority of our canine guests learn the schedule very quickly and because dogs are creatures of habit, this works well to help alleviate stress while boarding.

Food Bowl
  • Carol Cares for a Cat at BlooMoon Pet Resort
    Carol Cares for a Cat at BlooMoon Pet Resort
  • A Kitty Cozies Up at BlooMoon Pet Resort
    A Kitty Cozies Up at BlooMoon Pet Resort
  • Kitty in a Cat Tree at BlooMoon Pet Resort
    Kitty in a Cat Tree at BlooMoon Pet Resort

Cats are Pampered at BlooMoon!

Cats boarding at BlooMoon are in for a treat. Our cat condos have two rooms! On one side is the litter box, and in the other "room" is the cats bed, food and water. Each side of the two room condo has a perch for kitties who like to have a superior point of view (we suspect they all do!).

Feline guests enjoy playtime each day in our sunny cat room. Cats are allowed time each day to play on the large cat furniture, play with toys and look out a large window with a view of the bordering woods and a bird feeder. If cats are boarding individually, they are allowed time alone loose in the cat room, therefore cats take turns having access to the room. Families of cats boarding can be out together.

Kitties always have access to fresh water and their food.

Cats who are worried or fearful are given lots of space and time to acclimate to BlooMoon. We understand that some cats are quite shy and need to be given their privacy. Cats who enjoy people are given plenty of petting.

Mouse Toy
Black Lab enjoys the BlooMoon Pet Resort Swimming Pool

The Moon is not made of cheese, it is however, plentiful with doggie treats!

There is always something fun to do at BlooMoon! You don't need to be an athlete or expert dog handler to join in!
  • Join a group class for dogs and humans!
  • Add an serving of Ice Cream to your dog's stay!
  • Tennis Balls are made for fetching!
  • Don't foget to add pool time!
  • Remember - a tired dog is a HAPPY dog!

“Nothing in the world is friendlier than a wet dog.”


We don't do dock diving, but we manage wet toy diving with skill!

Pool time is always enjoyed by our guests and is always supervised (ok we get really wet too) by our skilled staff of doggie lifeguards.
A dog dives for a toy in the BlooMoon Swimming Pool

BlooMoon's Clients Comments

  • I love bringing my 5 doggos there. Bloomoon makes my big lab (Diesel) who is always nervous about going anywhere, very comfortable and calm. They feed them what you want them to. The service there is incredible. They are always helpful and just great to talk to. They also sell very good quality toys.


  • Fabulous people, great classes, affordable boarding. Dogs love it here!

    Mary Swindell

  • Love love love this kennel! It's a little out of the way, but I wouldn't take my dogs anywhere else. You can tell the staff love animals and my dogs always come home happy and healthy! So nice to be able to leave the dogs there and not have to worry about them when we are on vacation.

    Michelle Vanwinkle

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