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Adopt an Older Dog! You won’t regret it!

Most of us think in terms of a younger dog, or even a puppy when we contemplate adding a dog to our family. I suggest you think old!

Puppies and young dogs are fun, but frankly they can be exhausting! It's a lot of work to properly train a pup to live in our environment and learn all of our ...

Safe Travel for Your Dog
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Whether it’s a quick trip to your in-laws for the weekend, or a multiple day vacation, traveling with your dog can be fun – if you pre-plan. First, be aware that just because “Freddy” is the light of your life in the 4-legged department, many of your family and friends won’t share your delight! It helps if “Freddy” is a well-behaved dog that knows ...

Pug in the Sun
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Flip-flops, shorts and snow cones help us 2-leggers beat the summer heat. Plan now for ways to help your dog through the summer heat too!

Dogs cool themselves through panting and by sweat glands on the bottom of their feet and on their noses. Dogs with shortened muzzles (Brachycephalic from Greek roots "Brachy," meaning short and ...

Marijuana Plant
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If your beloved dog is in pain, or is suffering from anxiety or stress, most of us will do anything to help.

With the continuing changes in laws governing the growing, processing and dispensing of marijuana it is very tempting to jump on the bandwagon of using it to relieve our canine companions.

What is it? Is it ...

Training Your Companion Dog
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Why do dogs need toys? To keep them out of trouble! A bored dog is a dog that can eat your furniture, excavate and relocate your new shrubs, or worse. Dogs need something to do. Unfortunately, most of us have to work and are not available to direct and interact with our canine companions for the majority of the day. ...

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