Is it time to replace your dog’s Kong toy?

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Of my 7 dogs, only 2 are voracious chewers. That would be a miniature long haired dachshund named Denozo and a young standard poodle named Dolly.

Both of these dogs love a good chew! Both are amazingly fast and practice “seek and kill the squeaker”, a tactical military style form of play they each must have inherited from their respective parents.

So soft stuffed toys are disposables for these two miscreants. I really should time them, because if there is a Guinness Book of World Records for “Fastest Destuffing a Plush Toy, both Denozo and Dolly are contenders for the title!

I’ve tried many, many toys for my various 4-legged family members over the years. Rope toys, latex toys, hard nylon toys, stuffed soft (cloth) toys, reinforced stuffed toys, no-stuffing toys, etc.

The most durable, most enticing, most enjoyed toy I have used for my dogs are Classic Kongs. These toys last and last and last.

However, to all good things must come an end. Witness the time to retire Kong. Clearly well loved, well chewed and now (after about 8 years) ready to retire to Kong heaven.

Once that beloved Kong begins to show signs of fatigue, cracking, or small bits are missing, you must get a new Kong!

Choose a new Kong that is the appropriate size for your dog (or dog’s as in my home). Kong’s come in several varieties of toughness. I always purchase the Blue Kongs, not just because blue is my favorite color, but because the blue Kongs are the toughest Kongs.

So, take a closer look at your old Kongs. Is it time for replacements?

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