Massimo as a Pumpkin Head


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I love Halloween! If there is a vote for best holiday, I vote for Halloween. There is no family pressure, no gift giving, no reaching for perfection, no guilt. Halloween is all about candy, candy, candy, pumpkins, cooler weather (with any luck in Texas), pumpkin spice everything, costumes, scary movies, zombies, witches, monsters, and more candy! So speaking of candy and costumes, there is a lot to know about do and don't for keeping our pets safe while the ghouls and goblins are up to their tricks.

The photo above is of my dog Massimo. Fun times. Except not so much for him. See that look on his face? I read embarrassment. Maybe not, but probably. Massimo was tolerant of that adorable pumpkin hat and he was ok with the Halloween d├ęcor and the hay stacks (which he really, really wanted to anoint), but that's about as far as it went. So was he in pain? No. Was he happy about the hat? Not really.

The point is that many times we put our pets in positions they would rather not be in. Costumes for Massimo was not fun. I have other dogs that wouldn't care and might even enjoy the attention. But for the dog that isn't having fun, well, maybe leaving the hat off is the best choice. No matter what you do, have a howling good time this year!

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If you would like more information about how to keep pets safe during Halloween, click on the link here.

Have a howling good time this year!

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