Adopt an Older dog!

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Adopt an Older Dog! You won’t regret it!

Most of us think in terms of a younger dog, or even a puppy when we contemplate adding a dog to our family. I suggest you think old!

Puppies and young dogs are fun, but frankly they can be exhausting! It's a lot of work to properly train a pup to live in our environment and learn all of our human rules. Yes, puppies are cute! I think that's why we don't murder 'em when they do puppy things, like eat the legs of the rocking chair, or eat the sheet rock in the bathroom, or chew the window sills.

Now think about how lovely your older dogs have been. They know their manners (you have forgotten all that work to get there) and they are a pleasure.

Now think about what happens when an old dog, through no fault of his/her own loses his home.

My husband and I have always had more than one dog. In fact, think in terms of multiples. Currently our canine family includes three dachshunds of various sizes. We weren’t thinking about adding another to the mix, but an opportunity came into view and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

An older dachshund was given up to rescue because the elderly owner was placed in a nursing home. The owner could no longer provide a home for this dog. A rescue group decided to provide sanctuary for this dog, knowing that elderly dogs are not adoptable – most folks want a young dog!

Walt and I were moved by this dog and his situation. We met him. He was a delight! Very calm, very pleasant. A little snow in his hair, but otherwise still able to run and play and enjoy life. He is 14 years young. We opened our hearts and home to him. “Tino” fits in wonderfully! He is now the elderly gentleman in our group of doxies. The very first night he joined our family, “Ziva” the princess of the group jumped into his bed with him with a look on her face that said – “What? Scoot over! There’s room!”.

Tino is an easy keeper. He came to us house trained, years past puppy antics, happy to walk along with us, happy to nap in the sun, happy for belly rubs and happy to eat good food.

Will there be larger vet bills for this older dog? Possibly, but equally possible, no. All dogs require yearly checkups, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, and heartworm prevention. We have been fortunate to have a great number of our dogs live well into their teens and not require much in the way of vet care as a result of age. The cost of vet care is part of owning any dog of any age.

We fully understand that he may not be with us many years. On the other hand there is never a guarantee of longevity for us or our animals. We are glad this sweet old man can live his retirement time with us. He is easy. He is a pleasure.

So when you think of adding a dog to your home, please give the older ones a chance, you will be glad you did!

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