Yummy Pupcakes!
Massimo as a Pumpkin Head
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I love Halloween! If there is a vote for best holiday, I vote for Halloween. There is no family pressure, no gift giving, no reaching for perfection, no guilt. Halloween is all about candy, candy, candy, pumpkins, cooler weather (with any luck in Texas), pumpkin spice everything, costumes, scary movies, zombies, witches, monsters, and more candy! So ...

Ziva and Tino share a warm bed
adopt an older dog!
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I've had many conversations over the years with other trainers about why dogs end up in shelters. Most often our conclusions are:

  1. The owner acquired a puppy and did not understand the commitment it would take to raise the puppy. The owner gave up at around 18 months of age because the now larger unruly adolescent dog is destructive, ...
Dolly Jumps for Joy
Know the cost of dog ownership
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I was recently gifted a lovely 18 month old standard poodle. Such a great thing for the dog and for me! The former owner has had many poodles in the past, but this particular dog was more than she could deal with at this time. So the owner did the right thing and found a good home, which happens to be mine. A free poodle! But wait, really?

For Safety Replace Old Worn Kong Toys
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Of my 7 dogs, only 2 are voracious chewers. That would be a miniature long haired dachshund named Denozo and a young standard poodle named Dolly.

Both of these dogs love a good chew! Both are amazingly fast and practice “seek and kill the ...

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