Why is it BlooMoon?

o here is the story. Not a story. The legend. It all started one dark and stormy night when Walt turned to Brenda and said, "Who can care for the Bloodhounds while we travel?". Brenda replied, "Well that is a pickle. They slobber! They chew! They have endless, boundless energy! There are so many of them!"

Walt then decided the only solution was to build a boarding kennel that could house their own family of beloved dogs and make room for many others too.

Then magically, overnight, with no effort at all, BlooMoon was born. Overnight, over many, many nights and days and hours.

Then because BlooMoon was indeed needed and has flourished, Brenda and Walt hardly ever travel! Be careful what you dream of, for surely it will come true!

BlooMoon is a labor of love and a business we have put our hearts and souls into. Every detail of what and how we do what we do at BlooMoon has been carefully planned, honed and improved.

We never stop learning and our dogs are sometimes the best instructors!

We thank you all for helping us continue to make BlooMoon the best Pet Resort in North Texas!

Walt with AKC Champion BlooMoon's Jimmy Reed

There's always something happening at the Moon!

BlooMoon's Clients Comments

  • Thanks to you and Walt and your staff for the great care our dogs and the rescue dogs received while we were in California. The dogs looked great and we could tell how much they enjoyed their stay at BlooMoon. It means a lot to us to know they were so well cared for.

    Kathleen and Dave

  • My dog is always happy when we drop and pick her up.

    Tammy Cupit

  • Terrific! I was so afraid to leave my babies anywhere, but they love it here! Personal attention, lots of love, and the facilities are great - comfortable, clean, safe. The best review was when we went back the second time - instead of hiding in the back seat and whining, they jumped out and wagged their tails and were ready to see their friends!

    Gena Steelman

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