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Every member of the BlooMoon staff is an animal lover and is dedicated to providing the best service and care for our boading guests.

Meet the staff of BlooMoon! Whether its petting an older dog, cleaning a run, or giving a puppy a little confidence, our staff is there!
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Walt Partin and Brenda Howard, owners of BlooMoon

Walt and Brenda have been married for over 25 years and for all of that time have been owned by a herd of dogs!

Walt has been in the printing business in the Metroplex for over 45 years. Walt is a Past President of the South Central Bloodhound Club, has served as a board member for the American Bloodhound Club and was the South Central Bloodhound Club rescue director for 10 years. Walt continues to provide transportation to bloodhounds needing transportation through the SCBC rescue program.
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Walt is our always positive, always upbeat, "Thumbs Up Guy!" He is always ready with a joke or funny story to share. Walt not only is an active print broker, but he is our pool guy, maintenance guy, landscaper, evening dog walker and night watchman! Walt is even proficient at our computer system, which if you ask any of us, is a major accomplishment.
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Brenda earned a BFA in Advertising Design from UNT and worked in the advertising field in Dallas, Chicago and Fort Worth prior to opening her own agency Brenda Howard Design in Fort Worth. Brenda's love of all things canine led her to a hobby and a passion that became a new career. Brenda has been involved with training, showing and breeding for over 20 years. Brenda was the Managing Editor of the American Bloodhound Club Bulletin from 1995 until 2010. The Bulletin was awarded the Maxwell Award for best breed club magazine three years running under her editorship. Brenda is a Past President of the South Central Bloodhound Club and chaired the 2007 American Bloodhound Club National Specialty.
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Along with overall management, Brenda is a trainer at BlooMoon. She has spent many years assisting the public through classes and consulting. Brenda has taught public classes, private lessons and classes for the Wise County 4-H Dog Project. Brenda is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and strives to continue her learning through on-going training and education classes. Brenda believes "You should train your dog before he trains you!"

Brenda and Walt currently reside with 5 bloodhounds, several mixed breed adoptees, a pug, 3 dachshunds, a Bracco Italiano, a Great Pyrenees, and (really what were they thinking!) a hyper active German WireHair Pointer. Also in residence are an African Gray parrot, a Blue and Gold Macaw, and (gulp) a red tailed boa constrictor named "Bubba."

Believe it when we say, "Our business is picking up!"
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Lydia Rayner, Kennel Manager

Lydia joined BlooMoon in 2006. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and has received specialized training in many areas of canine learning through yearly continuing education courses. Lydia holds a BS in Animal Science from Kansas State University.

Lydia began showing dogs in conformation competition in 2002. Lydia has competed successfully in AKC, UKC and International Dog Show events.

Among the breeds Lydia has shown are, Bloodhounds, Black and Tan Coonhounds, Dobermans, Rat Terriers, Fox Terriers, and a very rare breed - the Bracco Italaiano.

Lydia has "Championed" many of the dogs she has shown and put Grand Champion titles on a number of the dogs shown in UKC events.
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Since 2006, Lydia has taught obedience classes at BlooMoon Pet Resort as well as training the Board N' Train guests.

In addition to conformation and obedience, Lydia has participated in night hunting, rally, agility and trailing events.

Lydia is affectionally owned by "Crafton" the Bloodhound, "Logan" a Doberman, several Coonhounds, and "Sky" a Black and Tan Coonhound that thinks she's a princess from the planet Pluto!

While dogs are not by any means her whole world, for Lydia, they certainly add to her world.
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Carol Ward, Receptionist and Senior Kennel Technician

Carol Ward has been with BlooMoon since 2009. Carol has a deep background in animal care. In 1976 Carol attended Veterinary Tech school in San Bernadino California. Carol took a zoo keepers course in 1977 at the LA Zoo. After moving to Texas Carol worked for many years as a Veterinary Technician, and then as an animal control officer. She has earned certification through the state of Texas and National Animal Control Officers. While working as an animal control officer, Carol began to learn more about behavior, a nice complement to her clinical background. Carol belongs to the Gifted Animal Placement Program, which taught her how to evaluate the potential of a dog to become adept for use in military, police, drug search and bomb sniffing. She was able to help place some of the dogs that came into her shelter into police work and one talented canine went to the Make a Wish Foundation.

In Carol's words, "It was once thought that dogs had only been with us about 10,000 years; DNA now shows they have been with us for at least 100,000 years.  No wonder they know us so well  and our affinity for them.  Dogs continually amaze me - I am always learning about and from them."

Carol's love of dogs is evident in her work. She is keenly observant of the animals in her care and because of her diligence, many a pet is given extra special attention that eases their stay. Although stumpy tailed heelers are Carol's favorite breed, her canine family members at this time include "Chica" a very special little Chihuahua, and "Marty" a feisty little terrier mix.

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Terry Thomas, Receptionist and Kennel Technician

Terry has been a fan of BlooMoon since the year we opened our doors in 2005. After almost 10 years, we talked Terry into joining our staff!

Terry has spent many years with canines, both showing and training and competing in various canine activities. As a youth, Terry handled his family's Great Danes in 4-H. He currently attends as many dog shows as he can in support of the breeds he loves most, the members of the Sight Hound Group! Terry jokes that sight hounds rule and bloodhounds drool!

Terry has a degree from the University of Oklahoma. He worked for a number of years for the American Paint Horse Association as a regional manager.

Currently Terry is "owned by" his Whippets, "Gehrig"and "Dakota", and Australian Shepherds "Dusty" and "Dally", "Dixie" a border collie as well as 5 horses, 1 donkey, numerous chickens and barn kitties and "Anastasia" his persian house cat.
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Shari Hembree, Groomer

Shari grew up around grooming as her family owned Golden Leash Pet Shop and Grooming. So you could say it's in her genes!

Shari has over 13 years of experience as a groomer in Fort Worth where she learned the skills required to groom almost any breed. Shari loves taking a disheveled ragamuffin and creating a handsome dog. That's where her creativity is fulfilled.

Shari's goal is to treat her grooming clients with patience and kindness and make them look their best.

Shari is owned by a very sweet basset named "Mason." Mason comes to work with Shari almost everyday and has become fast friends with many of the other frequent canine visitors.

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Kristi Kerby, Receptionist and Kennel Technician

Kristi is a graduate of Tarleton State University with a degree in Wildlife Management which comes in handy at BlooMoon! We are joking!

Kristi grew up in Muenster and after spending a number of years in Katy, Texas has relocated back to the area with her husband, Jonathon and son Eli.

Kristi worked at a large boarding facility in Katy and is really appreciative of BlooMoon's size and systems for caring of our guests.

Currently Kristi is owned by her two Boxers, "Macy" and "Lola"

We are so very glad that Kristi found her way back to the area and has joined our staff at BlooMoon!
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Shannon, Kennel Technician, Fish Wrangler

Shannon is a lover of all creatures great and small, well maybe excepting snakes!

Shannon was the manager of a large pet store for many years and therefore has learned a great deal about the many types of small animals that can become beloved pets.

As a lead maintenance manager of a large property, Shannon established a program to re-home abandoned pets that were many times left behind when residents moved.

Shannon has owned a fish store as well and therefore has assumed the role of BlooMoon Fish Wrangler! We have established two new tanks since Shannon has joined us, one of which is a salt water tank that happily is residing in our lobby.

Shannon currently shares her home with "Goober" a lab mix, "Ashlinn" a chihuahua mix, "Kenya" a Palomino horse, seven cats and a turtle!

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Cheyanne Ruddick, Kennel Technician

Cheyanne has always had a dog since she can remember. Her love of animals has gotten stronger the more she learns.

She began competing in FFA as a freshman with rabbits and quickly worked her way up to cattle!
Cheyanne took first place in many "buckle" shows and Reserve Grand Cahmpion at the Alvord 4H Buckle show with a Maine Anjou heifer as a freshman. During her junior year she earned Reserve Breed Champion with a Hereford her Dad has raised from cattle they own. She also received Premier Exhibitor Award fro Decatur FFA. As a senior she showed 3 steers, a Hereford, a Shorthorn, and a Maine Anjou. Cheyanne placed second with the Shorthorn and third with the Hereford at the 2013 Wise County Youth Fair!

Cheyanne is attending Weatherford College this year.

Cheyanne is owned by "Trip" a Black Labrador, "Lexi" a corgi, and a new puppy, "Buttercup"!

Cheyanne has a wonderful way of quietly communicating with our guests!
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Traci Hale, Kennel Technician

Traci is a recent honors graduate of Decatur High and a member of Phi Theta Kapp, a college honor society. Traci is currently attending Weatherford College and is planning to attend a four year university in the Fall of 2015.

Traci is our athlete and she enjoys kayaking, sports of all kinds - especially basketball, swimming and absolutely anything that takes her outdoors! Perfect for dog play at BlooMoon!

Traci is owned by two rescued dogs, "Cadet" a terrier mix, and "Stellaluna" a spaniel mix.

Organization is Traci's passion and she keeps all of us in line!